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Need some help saying exactly what you want? Take these examples and mold them to your liking:

Example #1

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I have two kids in JCPS, a [2nd, 5th, etc.] grader and a [4th, 8th, etc.] grader. I don’t think the state should take over our public school system because they don’t know what’s best for our kids or know our community.

They could decide to close schools or turn them into for-profit charters. We all need to be included in the decisions made at our local schools, not have politicians from Frankfort telling us what to do.

Example #2

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I think that it’s a terrible idea for the state to take over and run JCPS because it’s not being done with our student’s interests at heart.

This is a political agenda being pushed by politicians. If we’re serious about student’s future we need to invest in our local schools and our local communities. It’s not rocket science. Teachers need support and schools need more resources. These are all things that have been cut over the years and it’s time to fix that.

Example #3

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I have to kids who are JCPS students. I don’t think having the state run our public school system is a good idea because it’s not going to benefit our kids. This is politics coming out of Frankfort.

Our kids are counting on us to do what’s best for them. We need smaller class sizes, after school programs, and health services. We need to invest in our schools, not create a whole bureaucracy of unaccountable charter schools run by for-profit companies.

Example #4

My name is [YOUR NAME] and live in [NEIGHBORHOOD]. I don’t think our students will be any better off by having Frankfort politicians silencing the community and saying how everything has to be done.

Over the years I’ve seen how funding is getting cut. The students are being asked to do more with less and less. The state running things isn’t going to change that. We need to invest in our local schools and communities and we need to make sure that our students have after school programs, health programs, and smaller class sizes.

Example #5

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m concerned about the state taking over our local schools because it’s really going to affect the students.

You have kids trying to get into college and what happens if the person appointed decides that the local school is going to close or it’s going to be turned into a charter school run by some for-profit company. They could shut down magnet programs and after school programs without any input from the community. That’s a lot of disruption and it’s going to affect our kids.

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